Kansas Limestone Building Blocks

These smaller blocks of Kansas Limestone were originally quarried to build a house, or barn, somewhere near Lucas, Kansas, in the heart of tornado country. Lucas is a town of 407 people, but don't let that fool you. The people there are the finest, and quirkiest, I've met anywhere. Lucas also lies in the heart of Post Rock Country, along the Post Rock Scenic Byway, where the limestone is a rich golden color, just like the surrounding wheat in June. These blocks all have evidence of the work done by an early settler who used hand tools to "square it up" over 100 years ago. 2017 was my seventh year visiting Post Rock Country. 

Please watch the slideshow on Kansas' unique Post Rock Country in the Travel Section.

Pool Play          22" tall             $1200
(Click image for more photos)
Serenity #2 - Sold
Serenity #3     20" tall       $1,200

Satyr      15" tall    $1,200 

Who's Nose  18" tall    $900   

Serenity #1 - Sold      

Just Wondering      SOLD

        Oak Tree Love    26" tall    $900 

The Nest            SOLD
These blocks of Kansas Limestone were gathered by the artist in Kansas' Post Rock Country. Photos from that trip can be seen by watching the slideshow on Post Rock Country in the Travel Section of this website.

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