Camp Carvarock

Welcome to Camp Carvarock! Where ancient souls, long entombed within the core of Mother Earth, are once again freed to gaze upon the sky. 

On a hillside looking down on Upper Ojai, alone but for the hawks and lizards, an artist toils. Ha! Not by a long shot. It's mostly fun and extremely rewarding. I often get goose bumps when I back away from a rock, after an hour, or so, and see a face that looks right, like
 a cute girl is supposed to look. Hoo Hoo.

The name Camp Carvarock is a Burningman-ism. Participation is encouraged. Come on up. 

On 12/4/17 the Thomas Fire started less than 1/2 mile from our property.
Embers were falling around our house within five minutes. Luckily my brother and I were home.

I spent the night protecting my family home, knowing the fire was headed for my art studio. This shed was full of old stuff, things without value that I've had for 30 years. Darn.

Blocks of Italian Marble exploded into hundreds of fragments.
Limestone blocks baked and crumbled. The colors are spectacular.

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