THE PRETENDER - Jackson Browne Portrait in Italian Marble

I've been a huge fan of Jackson Browne ever since I finished high school in 1974. His first four albums were on the only two cassette tapes in my VW bug as I drove back and forth between my home town of Ojai and UC Irvine for college. Saturate Before Using and For Everyman were on one cassette, and Late For The Sky and Running On Empty were on the other. Those songs, as much as anything else, helped guide me through the crooked maze of growing up in the 70's. JB was my co-pilot. 
His songs still play on my iPod rotation everyday. Newer songs, filled with wisdom and passion, intermixed with the prophetic classics, all remind me to be grateful that I'm Alive. Thank you Jackson.

Jackson Browne portrait bust sculpture, hand-carved in Italian Carrara Marble   
24" tall x 12" wide x 12" deep
Price upon request 

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