Raider Nation -  Kansas "Fencepost" Limestone

Oakland Raider fans will love this sculpture. In fact, all fans of NFL Football, and sports in general, should love this sculpture. Yes, even Denver Bronco fans. This spectacular piece of Oakland Raider art will certainly "Wow" sports fans and art lovers alike.

Raider Nation is carved into a particularly large Post Rock, weighing over 500 lbs. The idea for the Oakland Raider football player was planted in my head by a serious fan. Once I saw this post I knew it was meant to be. Carving a skull instead of a helmet, his idea, suited me just fine. The half-sized Bronco players being crushed beneath, and the sea of Raider fans cheering above, seemed appropriate textures to complete this dynamic composition. Carving the sea of faces in the Black Hole took as long as the rest of the piece combined. Look close.

Raider Nation is 72" tall x 20" wide x 10" deep Price upon request. Feel free to contact the artist.

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